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Why become a Groundspread NZ member

Becoming a member of Groundspread NZ is recommended to all individuals and companies involved in the groundspread fertiliser industry.

Belonging to a trade organisation that has your best interests, and those of your industry, at heart means that you can be assured that issues affecting groundspreading businesses will be assessed and managed by the Association. Joining Groundspread NZ also provides you and your team with an opportunity to participate in the camaraderie of the groundspread industry as well as network with others in the profession. You can do this at your own regional branch meetings as well as on a national level at the Groundspread NZ annual conference.

Benefits for members

LEAD: A focus on Quality


Spreadmark is the groundspread industry’s best practice standard that recognises groundspreaders for their professionalism and expertise in nutrient application. Primary producers are increasingly requesting certification to this standard so they can demonstrate that their nutrient application methods have met environmental obligations. Groundspread NZ members are encouraged to become Spreadmark registered and can take advantage of discounted registration fees. Groundspread NZ is proud to be a founding member of Spreadmark and continues to play a key role in the ongoing development of the Spreadmark standard.


Groundspread NZ supports industry research to help us to constantly evolve and improve the job that we do. Currently, the Association is proudly supporting Lincoln Agri’s Allister Holmes research named Reducing off-target fertiliser application and increasing crop performance by improving fertiliser spread uniformity. The Association has a long history working with researchers to continually be our best, which confirms the integrity of our members. Being trusted leaders in our field ensures the credibility and sustainability of our members and their businesses.


Branches put on training days each winter for their members. These are an opportunity to network with other operators in your local area. Training days are specifically designed (and often paid for) by the local branch so they will be relevant and meaningful for members and their drivers. Past training days have included health & safety, resilience, first aid, vehicle recovery.

Recent achievements accomplished include:

  • Inclusion of ‘fertiliser spreader’ into the vehicle mass and dimension rules resulting in a decrease in vehicle movement restrictions,
  • Involvement in the development of a Farmer Spreadmark scheme,
  • The development of NZGFA spreader operator training courses in partnership with Candrive,
  • The creation of the NZGFA health and safety manual,
  • Ongoing improvements in the quality of fertiliser spreading, following liaison with fertiliser manufacturers and Massey University.

PROMOTE: A focus on Engagement

Raising reputation

The nutrient spreading industry is a highly skilled profession and Groundspread NZ is raising awareness of this. At every opportunity, it promotes the vital role that groundspreaders play as the first step in the New Zealand food story. Whether you are a sole operator or part of a large team, Groundspread NZ acknowledges the value of the job they do, and with solid stakeholder and industry relationships. We are communicating this across the agricultural landscape.

Grow your support network

Nutrient spreading involves the use of powerful machinery and complex technological equipment as well as navigating new agricultural regulations and increasing environmental guidelines. If you need help and support in any of these areas, as a Groundspread NZ member you know you can rely on the strength, knowledge, experience, and friendship of this long-standing organisation.

Health and safety

Making sure members return home safely each night is a priority for Groundspread NZ. Under the direction of the Groundspread NZ Health & Safety Councillor, several initiatives are already in place, including a groundspread-specific health and safety manual, incident reporting and ongoing guidance around industry topics such as dangerous goods classifications, hazardous substances, and minimum vehicle requirements for supplier sites.


Partnerships with those who we work with in our industry can broaden our relevance and increase our market; we benefit from the strengths and offerings each organisation brings to the table and expand our development opportunities by being exposed to new perspectives and expertise. Groundspread NZ facilitates on-going liaison with allied and associated industry organisations – including the Fertiliser Quality Council (FQC), Ia Ara Transporting New Zealand, Federated Farmers as well as local and central government. Companies who have significant associations with the groundspread industry may apply for Associate Organisation Membership. Please contact the Groundspread NZ branch in your region to discuss the benefits.

ENHANCE: A focus on a progressive and sustainable organisation

National council

The Association brings together all regions through the national council, councillors from each branch come together and bring the voices from throughout the country to keep abreast of concerns and emerging issues. Retaining the right to operate is key for all members and to do that, the voice of every operator is needed to form part of the bigger conversations that impact all of us. Councillors are prepared to tackle the issues on members’ behalf and work with them to find solutions for the industry.

Celebrate Success

The association holds an annual awards gala each year at the Association conference. This is an opportunity for members’ excellence to be celebrated. The four awards – the Ballance Agri-Nutrients President’s Award, the Keith Andrews Innovation Award, the Graymont Health & Safety Award, and the Ravensdown Young Achiever’s Award – recognise and celebrate the people behind the spreader trucks and the hard work they put in. In what can often be a solitary profession, these industry awards help bring our people together. They also attract attention from the media which helps us to raise the profile of this incredible sector that we operate in.

Tangible benefits

  • As a Groundspread NZ member, you will receive a copy of our very own Groundspread magazine and the NZ Truck & Driver magazine delivered to your door free of charge,
  • you’ll also have access to free advice,
  • an online member-only toolkit.
  • access to the N3 business buying network (South Island only)
  • discounts for Spreadmark certification and audit frees,
  • discounts for operator training courses,
  • access to the Groundspread NZ driver training manual,

About Groundspread NZ

Groundspread NZ have been supporting the primary industries from the ground up for over 65 years. We are the voice of the groundspreading industry.

We stand for quality and we are the proud designers of the Spreadmark scheme that ensures accurate fertiliser placement in New Zealand. Know that  we provide members with the support and information that they need to grow their businesses, so they can grow a better New Zealand.

Groundspread NZ have seven branches around the country to ensure our groundspreaders have local support as well as networking and training opportunities. Regional representation ensures that we have all the necessary checks and balances available on the ground, meaning that every voice matters when you join our Association.