Groundspread Magazine

The official magazine of Groundspread NZ

Groundspread magazine is published by NZ Truck and Driver Magazine and distributed to all members of Groundspread NZ (NZGFA) and associate members free of charge.

Distribution is via hard copy, digital versions from Spring 2021 and earlier are available online. Longstanding and highly regarded, the magazine provides news and views across all topics affecting the nutrient services and groundspreading industries – from health and safety, professional development to new products and new technology. It keeps readers up-to-date with what’s going on around the country via the branch reports and carries important news from the National Council.

Published four times a year, February, May, August, November, Groundspread is well-read and provides a quality and targeted medium for advertisers to increase their visibility to groundspread companies, fertiliser manufacturers and distributors. We welcome all advertising and, as the magazine relies on advertising to cover production and print costs, we are happy to work with you to secure the best option to profile your business. Please note, editorial in support of advertising is by negotiation with the editor.

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