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Application for Spreadmark company registration by a groundspread company

This form is to be used by fertiliser groundspreading companies that seek Spreadmark registration for their company.

The application fee is $200 + GST ($230).
Please pay the application fee to Fertiliser Quality Council; Bank Account # 06-0909-0238504-00
Use your Company Name as a reference.

Contact Person(Required)

We recognise that the Spreadmark scheme requires companies to have in place:

  • spreading machinery with testing performance data as prescribed by Spreadmark;
  • drivers trained to an acceptable standard; and
  • a simple but documented management system showing how the outcomes will be met.

We agree that upon being granted Spreadmark accreditation we:

  • will abide by the Spreadmark Codes of Conduct;
  • will abide by such Rules, Protocols and Policies as are made by the Fertiliser Quality Council;
  • will pay the annual Spreadmark promotion and administration levy;
  • allow reasonable access to the appointed Spreadmark Auditor; and
  • pay the auditor such audit fees as are due.
  • will advise the Fertiliser Quality Council if there are any changes to our company name, postal address or contact person.

We agree that if Spreadmark accreditation is withdrawn or lapses all mention of Spreadmark made in the companies publications or on the companies vehicles or any other use of the Spreadmark trademark will cease.

Terms and Conditions
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If an operator has the Spreadmark tick, farmers know that:

  • Spreader operators have been trained
  • Equipment is independently assessed and systems audited.
  • Fertiliser is being applied at an even rate and distribution pattern.

The code is structure into three parts:

  • The Spreadmark operational rules
  • Groundspread fertiliser application practices
  • Aerial fertiliser application practices