Information for spreaders

Spreadmark Information

This information is for fertiliser spreading companies interested in becoming Spreadmark registered companies.

Spreadmark is a company registration scheme that is open to all fertiliser spreading companies. It is being promoted to farmers and growers, as well as Regional Councils and dairy and meat processors, as the way of having confidence that involved fertiliser spreading companies are putting fertiliser where it can be of the greatest agricultural benefit and of the least environmental harm.

The programme raises the profile of good fertiliser spreading companies so that those farmers and growers who want to get the best value for their fertiliser dollar will know who to contact. As part of the programme Federated Farmers are explaining to farmers and growers that sub-optimal spreading is costing them at least $50 million a year in lost revenue. The Fertiliser Quality Council is also making lists of Spreadmark registered companies widely available to farmers and growers. This will give farmers and growers who want to increase and protect their revenue a straightforward way of choosing a fertiliser spreading company that wants to help them do this.

Make sure that your company is on the list of Spreadmark registered companies.

Spreadmark is a quality assurance programme designed to recognise high quality spreading companies and to reassure farmers and growers that these companies are reputable and will deliver what is expected.

The Spreadmark programme is governed by the Fertiliser Quality Council. This body has representatives from Federated Farmers, the NZ Groundspread Fertilisers Association, the NZ Fertiliser Manufacturers Research Association, the NZ Ag Aviation Association and the Fertmark registered fertiliser companies.

In order to become a Spreadmark registered company you will need:

  • The majority (preferably all) of your spreaders to have a current Spreadmark Spreader Performance Certificate (a list of testers is available).
  • The majority (preferably all) of your spreader operators to have attended a suitable training course (details of the training courses are available from the Executive Director of the NZ Groundspreaders Assn).
  • A simple but written management system (consistent with the Spreadmark System Standard – a template for this can be made available for free).

If you do not have all of these things we may be able to help anyway. In fact, we are keen to help.

The Spreadmark auditor will work with you to establish whether your operations meet the Spreadmark requirements. This is a collaborative process designed to help you gain Spreadmark registration.

The process is as confidential as you want it to be.

Initially, a new company gaining Spreadmark certification will be on a 1-year cycle.


When audited after the 1-year mark (and if there are no issues) then you will move to a 2-year Audit cycle.


When audited after 2 years (and if everything is great and there are no issues) then you will move to a 3-year audit cycle.


Please be aware that if during any audit process, whether it is a 1-year, 2-year or 3-year audit, any issues are identified (not enough drivers trained, truck issues etc.) then you automatically revert to a 1-year cycle, and you work your way back up again to the 2-year and 3-year Audit’s again.


To achieve 2- and 3-year Audits, you will have been recognised as a company that is putting in the hard work to meet all of the Spreadmark Auditors criteria.

As soon as your company gains Spreadmark registration you will receive a Spreadmark company registration certificate to prove to your clients that you have Spreadmark registration and the published register of companies will be updated to show your new status.

As a Spreadmark registered company you would have the right for your company name and contact details to appear on lists of Spreadmark registered companies and you would have the right to use the Spreadmark logo and to claim that your company is Spreadmark registered in promotional materials.

Your responsibilities and obligations as a Spreadmark company would be as listed on the Spreadmark Application Form.

There are costs associated with Spreadmark registration:

  • The Spreadmark programme has a promotion and administration levy which is paid upon application and annually thereafter. This levy is paid to the Fertiliser Quality Council. It is $200 + GST.
    • There is an audit fee. The current fee for a Spreadmark audit is:
    • $638 + GST for members of the NZ Groundspread Fertilisers Assn (NZGFA), and
    • $788 + GST for non-members of the NZGFA.
  • There are fees charged by Approved Testers for the certification of spreaders.
  • There may be training fees to get drivers trained.

It is a condition of on-going Spreadmark certification that both the promotion and administration levy and the appointed Certification Body fees are paid. Where either payment is outstanding the Certification Body will formally advise the Spreadmark certified company that their registration has been withdrawn until such payment is received.

If you want your company to become Spreadmark registered, complete the online form on our website under the Spreadmark tab.