Spreadmark NZ

The Spreadmark scheme is a fertiliser placement quality assurance programme.

It has as its objective the placement of fertilisers in locations where they can be of the most agricultural benefit and the least environmental harm.

The scheme will register spreading companies provided they have certified spreading machinery, trained operators and an appropriate quality management system which ensures that farmer/grower outcomes are met and environmental sustainability is protected. Overall systems will be subject to an independent audit to ensure that both farmers/growers and Regional Councils can have confidence in the programme.

There is no doubt that the proper placement of fertiliser is of considerable agronomic benefit to farmers and growers and will help protect the environment from the undesirable side effects of poor fertiliser spreading practices.

About Spreadmark

The Spreadmark programme was established by the NZGFA in 1994.

Information for Spreaders

Find out about what you needs to do to become spreadmark registered.

Spreadmark Testers

Find out where you can get tested for your Spreadmark Accreditation.