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Fertiliser Quality Council

Set up by farmers for farmers, the FQC was formed in 1992 initially to provide an assurance programme for the use of quality fertiliser products. Later, its role was extended to include accurate, ‘on-target’ fertiliser distribution.

Incorporated in 2001, the FQC comprises over 30 executives from across the agricultural spectrum. The Council meets twice a year to review activity, approve budgets and expenditure and discuss pertinent topics affecting the fertiliser and fertiliser spreading industries – aerial and ground.

The Council is responsible for both the Fertmark and Spreadmark initiatives.


Through a network of 12,000 Kiwi businesses, n3 negotiates exclusive pricing and terms of supply with New Zealand’s leading suppliers.

n3’s group buying power means their members can save on just about everything they need to run their business.

South Island members receive an n3 membership as part of their NZGFA membership.

As an n3 member:

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Truck & Driver Magazine

NZ Truck and Driver magazine is easily the best read in the industry by far and most well received in the NZ Transport Industry.
Since our first Audit of Circulation by “The New Zealand Audit Bureau of Circulations Inc” in 2000, NZ Truck and Driver has held the top selling truck magazine position.
We make it our priority to put the magazine out to all those in the industry that make the decisions so that our advertisers receive the best reach possible for their advertising dollars.

We are proud to be associated with New Zealand  Groundspread Fertilisers Association as the publisher of the Groundspread magazine.
Please contact us directly for further information.



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