Spreadmark gains international status

Spreadmark, New Zealand’s only fertiliser spreading certificationscheme, has gained international recognition from the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand, JAS-ANZ.

JAS-ANZ recognition means that farmers and growers who use Spreadmark trained and registered fertiliser spreaders can now be absolutely assured that all aspects of the programme are robust and reliable.It provides extra reassurance to regional councils and other organisations who require contractors to be Spreadmark certified. It also adds value to the quality assurance programmes (which specify that fertiliser must be spread by a Spreadmark certified spreader), offered to farmers and growers by food processing companies, in return for higher prices for their products. 

Anders Crofoot, Chairman of the Fertiliser Quality Council (the organisation responsible for Spreadmark), says the new international recognition gives the Spreadmark programme premium status.

“The Spreadmark programme is the only standard in its field to have this recognition ineitherAustralia and New Zealand. This is high acclaim indeed and we hope that this will encourage more and more fertiliser users to employ the precision spreading skills of trained Spreadmark contractors.”

Dean Brooks, President of the New Zealand Groundspread Fertiliser Association (NZGFA), is also delighted with the new approval. He says, “The Spreadmark programme has been developed to be a quality offering. It is designed to ensure that fertiliser is spread accurately and evenly by highly qualified spreaders who use the latestin technology and equipment to deliver their promise.”

JAS-ANZ approval was recently granted after a rigorous three year review process. This involved a review of the Spreadmark programme against the toughest of international certification standards. Aspects that were reviewed included the technical soundness of the programme as well as governance, auditing and certification methods and reporting.

More information about Spreadmark and Spreadmark registered spreading companies can be found at www.fqc.co.nzand www.nzgfa.co.nz.

Further information:

JAS-ANZ is an accreditation authority and framework, with the purpose to enhance national, trans-Tasman and international trade via accreditation to achieve international recognition for the excellence of Australian and New Zealand goods and services.It is the peak Accreditation Body, recognised by the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) of the United Nations, with jurisdiction for such matters in Australia and New Zealand.

The Spreadmark programme is a fertiliser placement quality assurance programme. It has as its objective the placement of fertilisers in locations where they can be of the most agricultural benefit and the least environmental harm. The programme registers spreading companies provided they have certified spreading machinery, trained operators and an appropriate quality management system which ensures that the farmer/grower outcomes are met. Spreadmark accreditation involves regular independent auditing of equipment and management processes as well as on-going operator training.