New Zealand Groundspreaders appoint new ‘driver’

The New Zealand Groundspread Fertilisers’ Association, (NZGFA), has elected Dean Brooks of Nelson-based Brooks Spreading Limited as its new president. The announcement was made at the recent NZGFA’s 61st annual conference in Napier.

Dean, who takes over from Southland’s Brent Scully, has held the position of NZGFA vice-president for the last three years and served on the National Council for 13 years. Dean was jointly responsible for developing the Association’s Driver Safety Training Manual, and for 10 years has conducting driver training safety courses all over New Zealand – and more recently in Australia.

With Health and Safety set high on his agenda, Dean’s mandate as president is to ‘ensure that all our people get home safely each night’.

“My wife, Sarah, and I have operated a spreading business for over 15 years. We have four fertiliser spreading trucks and three permanent drivers. As an employer, my absolute priority is to ensure that my drivers are highly trained and up to speed with industry knowledge and health and safety regulation, so that they can make the right choices if ever faced with a tricky situation. As the new NZGFA president, I want all groundspreaders – employers and employees – out there to automatically think ‘safety first’.”

Dean adds that he is also keen to increase the membership of the NZGFA.

“There are many, many benefits of joining this Association – from the provision of a strong industry voice, the opportunities for professional development and on-hand help and advice on issues, through to the technical liaisons we have with manufacturers, machinery and equipment suppliers and fertiliser importers.”

“However, one of the biggest benefits is the fraternal feeling gained from mixing with others in the same industry. Camaraderie and networking should not be under-estimated in any industry. I believe that joining a group or organisation, creates a sense of belonging, credibility and also accountability. Mixing with like-minded individuals can, without doubt, help your personal development as well as unleash the potential in your business.”